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Welcome to the Scandinavia, Inc. website for European and domestic, modern and contemporary, home and office furniture and accessories, located in Metairie, Louisiana only 5 miles from New Orleans. Our unique designs are created worldwide From Copenhagen to Beijing, Lyon to Milan, Stuttgart to Geneva, New York to New Orleans for people like you with a discerning eye for design and style are discovering Scandinavia, Inc.We strive to bring to you the latest in fashionable and comfortable leather, microfiber, and fabric upholstered Living Room furniture. We also proudly feature the Natuzzi Italy and Editions collections. The options are endless. Covers are offered to fit "the way you live". Create your new Bedroom today! Our modern and contemporary bedroom sets feature excellent craftsmanship and functional style. Scandinavia's selection for the Dining Room is among the highest in the industry. Offering contemporary or modern dining furniture dining tables, dining chairs and dining sets. Our Office Furniture product offerings include hard-to-find contemporary office furniture and modern office furniture items. We also import modern Italian furniture and Scandinavian furniture which have beautiful and unique styling while being residential or commercial-grade product, durable enough to stand up to every day commercial office use. Choose from a variety of glass office desks, reception desks, modular office furniture, conference room furniture and office chairs.

Everyone has a different idea of what a home is. Some are formal; some are grand. Some are casual and warm cozy. And for others, a home is a place where your unique personality and style define the very moment of being.

At Scandinavia,Inc., we're here to help you realize that those very moments can create a lifetime of enjoyment and satisfaction. Because a home, like any other environment, plays an important role in your emotional and physical well-being. Our expert sales team will guide you without pressure to the ideal furniture to accentuate and beautify your home.

We invite you to experience "the way to live."

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