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Ekornes Stressless Furniture

Ekornes Stressless®

Ekornes Scandinavian FurnitureEkornes is the largest furniture manufacturer in the Scandinavian (Nordic) region. Ekornes owns the following furniture brands: Ekornes, Stressless and Svane. Ekornes prides itself on creating the most attractive, ergonomically designed furniture for your home. Ekornes' concept is to offer affordable, well-designed contemporary furniture that is appealing to a broad audience that excel in comfort and functionality.

Introduced in 1971 and known for its meticulous design and well-developed furniture offers you the ultimate comfort and support. Whether sitting upright or reclined in your recliner, you will be comfortable. Ekornes Stressless offers the maximum level of comfort by offering two to three sizes of each recliner and sofa for a personalized fit that fits your body type. Your body will appreciate the personalized fit in your recliner and other furniture. Ekornes Stressless ground breaking design in recliners and sofas has made it the leader in recliners for the past 35 years.

Ekornes Stressless®

View the online Ekornes Stressless Catalog or Download a PDF (7.7MB).

» Comfort is... giving a gift that will last

Ekornes Scandinavian FurnitureThe Stressless Charity Promotion from Ekornes allows you to receive $200 off the purchase price of a Stressless recliner when you make a minimum $50 donation to the charity chosen by Scandinavia, Children's Hospital. November 25-January 16. More Info »

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